What Is a Cerakote Wallet or Money Clip and Why Should I Want One?

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Individuality is a trait that we all attempt to poses for a variety of reasons, whether it be to stand out in a crowd or to express uniqueness as to forge your own path in life. When it comes to having individuality in your EDC (every-day-carry) items, some people want something that expresses their personality. In comes Cerakote Wallets and Money Clips.

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Cerakote (pronounced “sarah-coat” or “cera-coat”) is a process that involves creating a unique surface through a composite epoxy coating that is made with a polymer-ceramic based finish and applied to hard finishes. Fundamentally, a Cerakote finish is ultra-durable and can showcase bold looks to display a personalized image, color, or unique design. Basically, you can think of Cerakote as a laser engraving process, only better than the typical engraving. You’re talking about a much more durable engraving.

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Initially developed by NIC industries for firearms in the 1980’s, Cerakote coating was an ideal method for individualizing firearms and other gear with a hard surface. Such surfaces vary from aluminum to titanium. Cerakote not only looks incredible, but it provides protection against corrosion, common abrasions, and many impacts.

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When you have a Cerakote design, it is basically imprinted or “set in stone,” as they say, in a particularly hard substance. Moreover, Cerakote treatments are thin, making them lightweight but attractive without adding unwanted bulk, which makes it ideal for many applications. A Cerakote Wallet is also an RFID Wallet, which blocks unwanted signals from cybercrooks skimming your credit, debit, or ID card data.

In the world of wallets and money clips, we have prided ourselves on perfecting the Cerakote process through a variety of our products made here in America, including some of our recent Cerakote Wallet designs. Additionally, we are able to offer customized money clips using Cerakote. The Cerakote process allows us to offer Carbon Fiber or Titanium customized money clips. The finished result of one of our American-made Cerakote products has an OEM quality that looks seamless and striking.

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Because Cerakote is such a durable application to our Cerakote Wallets and Money Clips, you don’t have to worry much about the design of the Cerakote Wallet or Money Clip fading, peeling, or being warn away. The quality of Cerakote’s durability and a lasting appeal is ideal for showing off your uniqueness in a new Cerakote Wallet or Money Clip.

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