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Each week, we will release a new special series clip design with three different variations of the same design. You will be able to buy these custom titanium clips by themselves or with a CW2.5 wallet. Each week we will rotate out the design. So act quickly when you see a design you like!


The Combat Wallet™ 2.5

The Combat Wallet™ 2.5 (PATENT PENDING) is finally here! Designed with a removable money clip, the Combat Wallet™ 2.5 is the ideal wallet for Every Day Carry (EDC). It fits in more pockets than a standard wallet and the clipped corner allows for easy card retrieval. With our patent-pending design, we’ve pressed the retention straight into the kydex to create a unique fanning motion that enables you to find the right card fast.


Made in the USA

Every single product that leaves our shop is 100% custom made in the USA and hand crafted in Texas. If it came to your door, it passed through our hands. We want you to know that time and energy went into every single one of our products. When we make a wallet, it’s your wallet. When we make a holster, it’s your holster. Every square inch of it was made and crafted with you in mind.