Making The Switch To A Minimalist Wallet

american flat minimalist wallet

Unfortunately, we haven’t reached the point where our cell phone fully serves as a wallet, for both men and women. Until that day comes, we will still have to carry around a wallet of some form, but while we do it, we can carry a minimalist wallet – one that doesn’t take up much pocket space and isn’t bulky, heavy, or cumbersome when you need to access that debit card quickly.

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Thankfully, we do have smartphones that combine multiple devices into one, most times packed in a slim design such as with the latest iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21. On the flip side, our wallet must also serve as a convenient item to avoid being bulky, thick, and heavy. I’ve often seen friends of mine carry some of the most ridiculous wallets that protrude out of their back jeans or pants pocket. Not that I was checking out their ass, I was only observing what an atrocity their 2-inch-thick wallet was bulging out of their pants. Were they just happy to see me? Not exactly!

minimalist hellbent wallet

The lifestyle of being a minimalist is quite the popular “style” these days, considering how much “stuff” we have to juggle. Outside of the tech world and social media-driven Internet, we still have to carry THINGS around and being a minimalist is the way to go to better manage life as we know it.

The Difference and Benefits of a Traditional Versus a Minimalist Wallet

In the traditional sense of a men’s wallet, we think leather, several pockets for credit/debit cards, and foldable. Conversely, a minimalist wallet is often none of those characteristics. Instead, a minimalist wallet is a single item, usually in a thin form measuring well less than an inch thick, sturdier, and more durable than leather, easily fits in the palm of your hand, doesn’t add much weight or bulk to your pants pocket. Additionally, a minimalist wallet can be an advantage to securing your credit/debit cards, ID cards, and other items through the use of RFID technology. RFID technology, which blocks data skimming of your card information, is usually incorporated into minimalist wallets.

Minimalist wallets tend to be more stylish and personalized with intriguing designs, material, and even ease of accessibility. As an example, we offer wallets that are considered to be minimalist and carry exclusive designs, like our new Bounty Hunter 3.0 Wallet, which is designed by our Skunkworks Team to replicate the infamous Boba Fett “Bounty Hunter.” Moreover, we have a vast collection of minimalist wallets in other forms that may be an extension of your personal expression in life, from 6061 T6 Aluminum wallets in various designs and colors, to minimalist designed wallets sporting the American flag or an authentic Brass look.

bounty hunter boba fett minimalist wallet

The minimalist wallet has become essential for many people, as is just having a reliable and safe wallet. Our minimalist wallets can be viewed in the many exclusive designs here on HellBent to fit your personalized “style” without being bulky, heavy, unsecure, or cumbersome.

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