HELL-BENT® Titanium Money Clip | Personalized/Custom



This option is for a custom, personalized money clip, in which you can email us directly with an image or file of the desired design. **Please note** that we are not allowed to create any TRADEMARKED photos or phrasings, without direct consent from the owner of the trademark. The best images to use are black and white and either in JPEG or PDF files. We are not able to reproduce photographs of families or color images. We also own the right to reject and refund you for any design that may misrepresent our company.

**It is important to email us directly at: customs@hellbentholsters.com with both your order number and the photo of what design you want. If we are not able to do the design you will receive a response and a refund, which can take up to 3 days to process. Please allow a 24 hr response to all emails in regards to a design. It can also take up to 1 week before shipment.


You can have your design laser-etched on an Anodized clip in your choice of one of the following colors: Blue or Bronze. Anodized color on the clips is produced by light refraction and interference of wavelengths. The film thickness is thin but the anodized layer is very durable; it takes a heavy polish and rubbing to remove. The color may change, due to the oil in your fingers but the color will return with a spray of Ammonia Free Windex, or a similar cleaning product. All of our medium and large HELL-BENT® Wallets are compatible with all of our colorful titanium money clips.

Blackout clips come Cerokoted. Cerakote is a composite epoxy coating that is made with a polymer-ceramic based finish. Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impacted strength, and hardness.

Your custom money clip will come with a skid plate that will help you slide your cash under the money clip with ease. ALL CLIPS COME WITH A COMPLIMENTARY SKID PLATE. ADDITIONAL SKID PLATES CAN BE PURCHASED IN THE SWAG SECTION.

All of our custom money clips are compatible with all of our medium and large HELL-BENT® Wallets.