Looking for an American-made wallet perfect for the minimalist lifestyle? Our 100% made in AMERICA Hell-Bent® wallets, offer durability with our patented fan out technology and is perfect for every-day carry.

The 2.5 is a high-impact, thermoform plastic case card wallet available in both medium or large sizes. RFID protection is standard.

The 3.0 aluminum card holder wallet  is made of Billet Aluminum, has fully adjustable retention, and offers a sleek, modern take on the original 2.5. It is available in both medium and large sizes. The 3.0 is naturally RFID blocking.

All Hell-bent wallets come with a limited lifetime warranty. The medium and large 2.5 wallets and medium and large 3.0 wallets will fit with any one of our money clips, except for the fat stack.