What is Anodizing and Why Choose an Anodized Wallet?

When most of us think of anodizing we associate such with flashy colors on metal items, whether it be cookware, appliances, light fixtures, doors, firearms, and of course, metal wallets. IN the scheme of anodizing a metal item, you’re taking something and improving upon its ability withstand everyday abuse, which is necessary if you’re going to carry a metal wallet.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that ultimately improves upon the quality and appearance of a metal surface. Commonly, we find anodizing being done on items that we naturally want to show off to others or just have a better-quality metal finish to an item that may see some wear and tear. Anodizing appeals to those who have every-day-carry (EDC) items that conveniently fit into your pocket or holster for your EDC firearm.

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Getting All Technical About Anodizing

Anodizing itself, which is a rather involved process, takes a metal substance, often aluminum, and applies an aluminum oxide structure. Though, the aluminum oxide is not applied like paint, it is fully integrated with the underlying aluminum substrate. Basically, this means that the anodized surface cannot peel off or chip. Through anodizing, before it is completed, the porous structure permits adding a coloring and sealing step, which basically seals in the color so it will never come off or wear like a traditional painted surface. When first anodizing something like an aluminum wallet, it is immersed into an acid electrolyte bath with an electrical current sent through the metal. Through a cathode mounted inside of the anodizing tank, the aluminum has a reaction to release oxygen ions at the surface for a specific level of controlled oxidation, which will then enhance the natural chemical occurrence and give you that beautiful finish that you commonly see on anodized items.

Anodized items all start with a piece of metal. Often, such as on the case of our Hellbent Wallets, the process starts with a piece of 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum. Being that our wallets are American Made, the anodizing process takes place in the same America factory where we are able to perfect the anodizing process to give you a wide range of color finish selections and the durability that you expect out of an anodized product.

Anodizing vs. Cerakote

For those wondering, the main differences in Anodizing and Cerakote is that the Cerakote finish is much slicker and offers more customization options over anodizing. Additionally, Cerakote doesn’t necessary change the metal or increase its surface bond. However, Cerakote does add corrosion protection but does not harden the base metal like Anodizing. In some cases, Cerakote is not as durable as anodizing but the debate may go both ways depending on usages and application.

Anodizing Your EDC Items

Let’s face it, an EDC item is going to see some abuse no matter how much on consciously care for it or handle with the most delicate hands. It’s inevitable, buy the end of a rough year like we had in 2020 with COVID, your EDC items will be abused in one way or another unless you locked yourself indoors during the whole year.

We offer a wide array of anodized wallets, which are all 100% designed and manufactured here in America. Additionally, each anodized wallet is naturally RFID protected and have the lasting durability that you expect out of an American Made product.

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