About Us

HELL-BENT® is a family-owned small business coming outta the Skunkworks in Mayfield, KY. Forged from a dream, and out of sheer necessity, our humble beginnings started with a single sheet of raw Kydex. After weeks of meticulous planning, molding and fitting, our first ever Bare Bones Holster was born.

Longstanding brothers in arms of the tactical scene, HELL-BENT® holds deep connections with likeminded patriots. Our passion for guns, survival, tactical accessories and EDC gear is at the very foundations of our company, and what drives our motivation for 100% customer satisfaction.

Originating in the Red Heartland of Spicewood, TX, HELL-BENT® has gone from strength to strength, upgrading to our brand new, cutting edge Skunkworks Machine Shop based in Mayfield, KY in 2019. With new machines, cerakote practices, designs and ideas, HELL-BENT® is bringing new innovations to Hellions everywhere. We would love to have you along for the ride!

We aren’t Heaven Sent, we are HELL-BENT®!

Why Hellbent?

hell-bent (hel ‘ bent) adj.
Bound and determined to achieve anything at all costs..

An unstoppable determination to craft the perfect Kydex holster in a humble attic space created our company. If you ever ask where the name came from, we’ll probably tell ya: “I was hell-bent on making this stupid thing, it was hot as hell in that attic!” This can-do attitude, strong, American work ethic, and desire to create is what separates us from the rest. Our attention to detail and craftsmanship is unmatched by any other EDC outfit – whether they make holsters, wallets, or other EDC gear.

Everything we make is crafted right here in the USA – from the 6061 T6 aluminum for our 3.0 Wallets, to the perfect Cerakote finishes on our Titanium Money Clips.

We are proud, patriotic Americans. And we are HELL-BENT®!

Meet the Crew!

We’re not exactly heaven sent…
But we are Hell-Bent!!

And we are family!

Josh Fulton

CEO / Owner

AKA “Boss Man”

Mike Floyd


AKA “Money Mike”

Anthony Johnson

Marketing Coordinator

AKA “Slick Jimmy”

Asher Baker

Social Media Coordinator

AKA “Caption Creator”


Quality Control