About Us

The Start

Hell-Bent® Holsters is owned and operated by founder Glade Smith. Forged from a dream and out of sheer necessity, Hell-Bent®Holsters started with a single sheet of unused Kydex and a toaster oven. With it, Glade created his very first product, the “bare-bones holster.”

Hell-Bent® Holsters fired onto the tactical scene after our first big order from a gun shop just south of Houston, TX. Glade’s deep passion for guns, tactical and survival gear is the root of his business and what drives his motivation for 100% customer satisfaction.

Before starting Hell-Bent® Holsters in April of 2011, Glade ran a custom upholstery business specializing in hot rod interiors. The previous venture gave him the skills and know how to make us what we are today. We are #HELLBENTFORLIFE!

Why Hell-Bent?

hell-bent (hel ‘ bent) adj.

Determined to achieve something at all costs; and that’s exactly what we do.

Glade’s determination and fire to make the perfect holster gave birth to our company. If you ever ask him where the name came from, he’ll tell ya, “I was hell-bent on making this stupid thing, it was hot as hell in that attic!” He made it all happen by using the skills he obtained from both his schooling and having previously run his own upholstery business. That’s why he brings to you a sense of detail and craftsmanship unmatched by any other holster producer on the market. We’re not exactly heaven sent. We Are Hell-Bent®

Glade Smith


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