HELL-BENT® 3.0 Wallet | Let Freedom Ring



Limited Production – Don’t Wait

The Hell-Bent® American Flag Wallet is the latest offering of Custom 3.0 Lineup of Skunkworks Products.  This Type H Cerakote finish offers extended durability and style created by Koehler Custom Cerakote and it screams FREEDOM!!

The 3.0 HELL-BENT® Wallet is made of billet aluminum and possesses natural RFID blocking properties that will help to protect you against electronic pickpocketing and skimming. It has adjustable retention and is available in both medium & large size.  Cerakote is a brand name of a type of paint that has ceramic in it. After application it must be baked in a high temperature oven to “set” and harden the ceramic component of the paint. The result is an extremely durable paint job that other products have a difficult time matching. You’re gonna love it. Comes with Cerakoted Titanium ‘1776’ Money Clip.

The 3.0 is compatible with all of our Titanium Money clips! Grab one now, and experience the newest and hottest product to come out of the depths of HELL-BENT®!!