IWB – (Inside the Waistband), Light-Bearing Holster


These IWB – (Inside the Waistband) light-bearing holsters are designed with a slim and comfortable fit.

All of our holsters are custom, hand-made products designed to keep you and your handgun safe and secure. We use a .08 thickness of Kydex offering a high degree of toughness and resilience! You will find that a holster with light from Hell-Bent Holster is more rigid and will deform less when loaded versus other “plastic” holsters.

With our IWB – (Inside the Waistband) light-bearing holsters the trigger is always covered and the tension screws at the trigger point allow for fully adjustable retention to fit your precise draw and grip.

Please see the Holster FAQ’s for more specific information regarding our holsters, sweatshield and clip options.

All Hell-Bent holsters are custom, hand-made products. They are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please check your order carefully to assure that you have ordered for the correct gun, light, hand, style, color etc.

*TLR-6 is only available on the following guns: Glock (26,27, 33, 42 & 43), Kahr PM-9, Kimber Micro 9, S&W Shield, Sig P2338 & P938