HELL-BENT® 3.0 Medium Chain Wallet | Black


CHAIN SOLD SEPARATELY UNDER WALLET ACCESSORIES Made of Billet Aluminum, the 3.0 Hell-Bent® Wallet possesses natural RFID blocking properties that will help to protect you against electronic pickpocketing and skimming. It has adjustable retention and is only available in medium size at the moment.

The 3.0 is compatible with all of our Titanium Money clips! Grab one now, and experience the newest and hottest product to come out of the depths of HELL-BENT!!!

Your wallet will come with skid plate to help slide your cash in and out of your money clip easier. ALL WALLETS AND CLIPS COME WITH A COMPLIMENTARY SKID PLATE, ADDITIONAL SKID PLATES CAN BE PURCHASED IN THE WALLET ACCESSORIES SECTION. 

Money clips sold separately!

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