HELL-BENT® Dip Dude™ Holster


HELL-BENT® Dip Can Holder – DIP DUDE

Calling dudes and dads everywhere!

Are you tired of ruining your favorite pair of jeans?

Is there constantly no space in your pockets for your snuff?

Despair no longer. We’ve got you covered. Introducing the HELL-BENT® DIP DUDE HOLSTER!

This super slimline, low-profile dip can holder is crafted from thermoform Kydex, and comes in a vast range of different variations. Outside the waistband (OWB) and weighing in at only 2.5 oz, you won’t even feel this custom snuff can holder.

Add your chewing tobacco to your every day carry with a specialist solution. With the HELL-BENT® DIP DUDE, it will never get in the way of your everyday activities ever again.