HELL-BENT® 3.0 Wallet | Aviation Series : P-51 Mustang





Each Wallet Comes Serialized 1-100 With Matching Dog Tag

The 325th Fighter Group ‘Checkertail Clan’ was first activated at Mitchel Field, New York in August 1942, with the 317th, 318th, and 319th Fighter Squadrons assigned. The famous clan flew many successful missions throughout World War II, including significant victories in Tunisia, Algeria, Pantelleria, and Sicily. They received a Distinguished Unit Citation for action over Sardinia on 30 July 1943, when the Checkertail Clan used expert diversionary tactics to force a much greater number of Axis planes into the air before destroying more than half of them. A second DUC was not far behind when on 30 January 1944, they flew more than 300 miles at very low altitude to surprise the enemy fighters that were defending German airfields near Villaorba, Italy.

This is the 2nd installment of the Aviation Series from Hell-Bent®

When They Are Gone They Are Gone.

Inspired by the storied Checker Tail Clan P-51D Mustang

North American P-51D Mustang, 319th Fighter Squadron, 325th Fighter Group, 15th U.S. Army Air Force, Vincenzo, Italy, 1945

The last of the 15th AF Mustangs is this P-51D of the famous ”Checkertail Clan” 325th Fighter Group. Apart from the checkered fin/rudder, rear fuselage and tailplane the Group had the black outlined yellow bands near the wingtips (near to the end of the war some aircraft had checks on the wingtips).

This aircraft also has the inboard yellow bands around the wings, and, of course, the usual red nose. The three Squadrons of the Group (317th FS, 318th FS and 319th FS) did not use any separate colour ident, but each had its own range of ident numbers, in this case 70 – 99 for the 319th. Overall color scheme is the usual natural metal with Olive Drab anti-glare panel.

Themed after the CheckerTail Clan P-51D Mustangs, these badass custom Cerakoted HELL-BENT® 3.0 Wallets come individually customized with their own serial number. We’re numbering each of these by hand, using the same Tail Code Numbering style used by the USAF.

You’ll want to take your cards out to show friends your number – and with adjustable retention, that’s easier then ever.

And, of course, Triple 0 gets the bragging rights, so do not delay!

HB-P51D ‘SQUEEZY’ is being offered in both Medium and Large 3.0 versions. The first 25 medium and 25 large wallets are already in process and  will ship out within 2 weeks, the remaining will ship no later than the 3/20/2020.

The 3.0 HELL-BENT® Wallet is made of billet aluminum and possesses natural RFID blocking properties that will help to protect you against electronic pickpocketing and skimming. It has adjustable retention and is only available in medium size at the moment. This beautiful art work was done using Cerakote. Cerakote is a brand name of a type of paint that has ceramic in it. After application it must be baked in a high temperature oven to “set” and harden the ceramic component of the paint. The result is an extremely durable paint job that other products have a difficult time matching. You’re gonna love it. Comes with matching Titanium ‘Checkertail’ Money Clip.

The 3.0 is compatible with all of our Titanium Money clips! Grab one now, and experience the newest and hottest product to come out of the depths of HELL-BENT®!!