HELL-BENT® 2.5 | Tiffany Blue Complete Wallet w/ Money Clip


If this is either your first time owning a HELL-BENT® wallet, or you just would like to buy one for a friend or family member, the 2.5 Tiffany carbon fiber card wallet and titanium money clip combo is an affordable way to own the best wallet in the world!

The PATENTED HELL-BENT® wallet is designed with simplicity in mind for Every Day Carry (EDC). This carbon fiber minimalist wallet and titanium money clip fits in more pockets than a standard wallet and the clipped corner allows for easy card retrieval. With our patented design, we’ve pressed the retention straight into the Kydex to create a unique fanning motion that enables you to find the right card fast.

What is included with a Complete wallet:

-2.5 Carbon Fiber wallet with patented fan out technology

-Grade 5 Titanium money clip of your choice (Raw, Purple, or Blue)

-RFID Protection comes standard

-Custom HELL-BENT® Skid Plate

-Made in the USA!