Tiffany Blue Limited Edition Combat Wallet

The Tiffany Blue Limited Edition Combat Wallet is where it’s at! This designer color is perfect for anyone looking to add a little sophistication to their EDC. Get it while you can. Once these are sold out, they’re gone!

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Made in the USA

Every single product that leaves our shop is 100% custom made in the USA and hand crafted in Texas. If it came to your door, it passed through our hands. We want you to know that time and energy went into every single one of our products. When we make a wallet, it’s your wallet. When we make a holster, it’s your holster. Every square inch of it was made and crafted with you in mind.


Wishes for Warriors

We donate $1 of every item we sell to Wishes for Warriors. Wishes For Warriors is a 100% non-profit 501(c)(3) organization specializing in bringing hope back into our combat disabled veterans lives, through outdoor adventures and events.

Learn more at http://wishesforwarriorscorp.org/